Tuesday, December 30, 2008

New Project for 2009: Project 365

I have a new project planned for 2009. Have you heard of Becky H.'s project 365? She has come up with a new kit which will allow you to take a picture a day, journal about it and scrapbook it. The kit will be on sale starting on Jan. 1 for under $40. I think that it is a good deal for non scrapbookers. For scrapbookers like me, however, making my own is the best alternative. The concept is not so hard: one double layout arranged so that 7 pictures and 7 journaling blocks fit.

I came up with a few sketches of my own as well as my interpretation of Becky's.

I also have my first two weeks of January pre made already.
Since the year starts on a Thursday, I used the left side of the double layout for my new year's resolutions.

This is, more or less, Becky H.'s idea of the layout. I made my pictures smaller (3"x5") than hers (4"x6") since I do want some of my pattern paper to show.

I have a thread on a website on scrapbook.com to help each other through this challenge. If you want to check it out and join, you are more than welcome! :)

Remember that the Special Auction that I have listed on eBay to help pay for scrapbooks for the little girl's family ends tomorrow. Here's a link to the auction if you need it:

Ok, signing off for now.

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