Thursday, October 7, 2010


Ok, I'm back today with a brand new tutorial for the poinsettia flowers that I made for the Christmas Layout based off Sketchy Thursdays sketch this week.

This is what we will be making:

Step 1

You need to make three 4 tipped flowers similar to this one. I used a cuttlebug die cut that I've had for years. If you don't have a die cutting machine, you can download this shape that I made for you and hand cut it.

Step 2

Cut all the petals apart and bend them inwards, like the picture above. This will create a 3D look without it being too bulky.

Step 3

Cut or punch out 3 1" circles. These can be any color since you really wont see them. This will be the backbone of your flower.

Step 4

With a pencil, divide the circle in thirds.

Step 5

Cut out the thirds and you will end up with something like this. I believe that there is a punch similar to this shape. You can use it if you have but if you are like me and don't have it, this will do.

Step 6

Glue your petals to the base and you will end up with three 3-pointed flowers.

Step 7

Nest one inside the other, making sure that the petals are staggered. Use only a little bit of glue that way you can play with he petals and move them where you want them once it dries.

Step 8

For the center, you need four small sun punches, two in yellow and two in green. This is actually optional since you can use something else for the poinsettia center if you don't like these centers (scroll down to see more options for flower center).

Step 9

Using a pen and the back of your mouse pad, cusp each piece.

Step 10

Using a little bit of glue, layer them one inside the other, leaving the green ones for the inside and the yellow ones outside. At this point, you can ink the tips if you want. I did so because I like the finished look.

Step 11

This step it important and 'finishes' the flower. Stickle all the edges of the flower, leaves and flower center. I use Platinum stickles for this.

-For the leaves, I hand drew three jagged leaves. If you need a little inspiration, use the clipart below as a general pattern for your free-drawn leaves. You need three of these.

Step 12

Now, here's the fun part! make your bloom! Add the center with a little bit of glue and then add the glittery leaves and you are done! you can fold down the tip of the petals for a more 3D look. Play around until you get the desired look.

Now, if you don't want to go through the hassle of making the center, you can add colored rhinestones:

or you can add pearls:

I hope that I was able to inspire you to make some poinsettias for the holidays. I'm sure that they will look wonderful in scrapbook layouts and cards or even presents! Have fun making them and if you can, leave me a comment and a link to your project. I would love to stop by and see it!

Have a wonderful day and weekend!


  1. They look so festive ! Thansk for the tutorial.

  2. Amarylis, your pointsettias are gorgeous!! Thanks for the tutorial!

  3. Wow! These look fabulous! Thanks for sharing such a great tutorial!

    Have a wonderful week ahead! :)

  4. WOW you made it look sooo easy! I loveee them!!!Thanks for sharing your talents!

  5. These are so beautiful and I can not wait to make these. Thanks for the tutorial, you made it look so easy. I hope you and your family have a beautiful Holiday to come.


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