Saturday, September 17, 2011

saturday...Birds of a Feather Kit card tutorial

Hi everyone! I'm back today to share a super fun and EASY card to make from your...garbage! I made this tutorial for Birds of a Feather Kit CO as part of my GDT spot. Hope you enjoy it!

Step 1. Gather your leftover bottom strips of paper that you usually throw away because, well, they are meant to be thrown away!

Step 2. Trim them to size (my card is 5.5"x4.25") and distress the edges.

Step 3. Adhere to your card base. Now, you can stop here or to give it a little *humph*, sew around the edges of the strips of paper (you can also do faux stitching).

Step 4. Embellish to taste. I added a row of punched butterflies to one of the strips and added my sentiment to the bottom right side along with a small bling flourish for it to look elegant.

...and here you have it! A GORGEOUS card using all those tiny strips of pattern paper that you thought were garbage. Now you will think twice about throwing them away!  :)

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