Thursday, September 22, 2011 picture turned into a canvas (Easy Canvas Prints)

Ok, I have something AWESOME to share with all of you today! As most of you know, I got married about 2.5 yrs ago and because we had a budget wedding, my hubby and I decided not to get any large pictures of the wedding so I settled for a 300 (4"x6") photos album. However, I always wanted to turn one of our wedding pictures into a canvas and today, my wish came true!

Here is my 16"x20" canvas:

I ordered it from Easy Canvas Prints and arrived in about a week! Easy Canvas Prints will turn your photos to canvas for a very economical price! The quality is outstanding as the canvas material that Easy Canvas Prints uses is top notch and archival quality. The colors are bright, sharp and true to the original picture. If you are using your own photo (like I did!), Easy Canvas Prints offers a variety of enhancements including B/W and sepia conversion, retouching, and photo collages for you to choose from. They also have different canvas wrap depths (I ordered mine .75") as well as border options (mine is an image wrap). Their website is really easy to use too!

With the holiday season on us, these would make personal and affordable gifts for everyone in your list!
Check them out right now and order your canvas today!
Check out these awesome canvas pictures!

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